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These are our Danes that have touched our lives and now live on forever in our hearts.  We will never forget them, always love them and constantly miss them...


APRIL  03  2003 - DECEMBER  25  2007
It is with a very heavy heart that we say goodbye to our wonderful Vaughn.  He left us Christmas Day due to bloat.  His heart stopped on the way to the vet clinic after we finally found one open and was gone by the time we arrived.

Vaughn had never won Best in Show, did not recieve the top obedience scores but was the greatest Dane in our eyes.  He was very well mannered with a loving temperament.  He was extremely well behaved both at home and in public and was a fantastic therapy dog.  The people at the Lumsden Nursing Home just loved him. Patient and kind he was to all who wished to visit with him there.  He was sure to stop my work on the computer frequently throughout the day to be sure he got his required amount of petting and attention.  He had to nuzzle your ears when you sat to put on your boots and was always the first to rush to the door to welcome you back home.  He possessed a magnificent stature with such a dark golden color and recieved so many compliments on how beautiful he was.

He left us way too soon, only 4 1/2 years.  God must have really needed someone special to have to take him.  I will miss him always.

JUNE 28 1998 - AUGUST 16 2008

Hi! I am Jewel. I came to live with my new mom when I was only eight weeks old, a busy, happy vibrant puppy the most beautiful color of deep fawn you have ever seen. Everyone loved me and I loved everyone. I grew up at a daycare surrounded by lots of children, lots of other pets and right across from a school! How great is that:)

I was my mom’s first Great Dane, first show dog, first obedience dog, first in so many ways. I excelled in the show ring and finished right away. It was ok but I wanted to do more so we decided to try one obedience class which led to me getting my open title. However, the day we went into the ring for my final leg by mom bent over in my ear and made me a promise. If I qualified today, it would be the last time we would trial and we would go on to other things. I qualified and she kept her promise and we didn’t do the formal stuff anymore. However, in 2002 I was the Number 2 Dane in obedience in all of Canada and in 2004 I was the Number 4. We then tried tracking and that was fun:) I passed my two temperament tests with flying colors; they were easy.

I had two litters of gorgeous babies. I was the best mom and I even got to live with two of them. My daughter is still at home looking after my family. I now get to run with my son who left us Christmas of 2007.

I have had Cancer for awhile and it’s finally gotten more than I can handle. It’s hard because my mom cries for me but it’s time for me to say goodbye and it is ok. I still have my dignity and am still proud but so tired and it hurts now. I have had a good life and a long life really for a Great Dane. I have never been sick before. I have been a wonderful ambassador for my breed and have left behind me so many great memories for my family and all who came in contact with me.

I won’t say goodbye. I will just say see ya because we will all meet again.


Ch. WishMaster’s Spectacular Bid PCD,CD,CDI,CDX,NAJ,CGN,SJTD
March 29 2002-June 29 2010

What a girl.  What a wonderful, amazing, willing, companion.  There will never be another quite like her.  It saddens me so much to let her go but I must do what is best for her; not for me.

Cleo finished her conformation title quickly.  Then it was on to obedience and agility.  She finished both quickly obtaining two obedience titles in one weekend as this girl was always ready to play and participate with me.  Grab a few laughs along the way; she almost smiled as she competed.  She did some parts in a movie in her spare time and went on to be a therapy dog.  She was so loved everywhere she went.  She was so well behaved and such a wonderful representative of her breed.  She had the whole package, beauty, brains and a loving temperament.  Her kittens were so special to her, even her last day at home she cleaned them all and gave them her special kisses.  She saw a fawn and sniffed it out being so careful not to hurt it.

She shared everything with me.  Up to the barn we would go  and she would wait on the grass while  I did chores.  Stretch out on the grass when I am cutting the grass and hop into the truck if we were taking out a load to the dump.  Always on the deck with me for a coffee break and time to relax in the sun.  Lay at my feet when I’m busy on the computer but every night for the last eight years she lay beside my bed at night.  Never went to bed before me but always with me.  She was always at the door to greet me when I returned.  A simple hello and where were you, what did you get?  She was my girl.  Always by my side, never asked to be there she just chose that spot to be.

She loved the acreage here and is buried out here where I can look upon her everyday and she can see her cats and horse and everything.  She was buried with her mom’s ashes and her brothers and once again they are finally all together again.  Cleo and Jewel and Vaughn.  A team.

I loved her so.  I miss her so much.